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Selling and a little bit of how to fish and net fishing are our selling phrases if they are not persuasive and as if we have holes in the net. Fish escape;).

Vendere e come pescare

Although in the eyes of inexperienced people it may seem easy to arrange phrases to use in your sales is not a child's play at all and maybe you've discovered it right now. ...continue reading "15 persuasive phrases for selling"

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We are often asked what your software has to do other than the other management software.

From today we can say that WE ARE DIFFERENT for a feature that nobody else  has.

LibertyCommerce is MULTILINGUAL

After years of work and testing on the current version of LibertyCommerce and Comanda Facile, the new function to change language has been enabled in the test phase. Currently English and French are available soon Chinese and German will also be activated.

LibertyCommerce International

On version 12, the function for changing language is enabled in the BETA version pending the imminent release of the new INTERNATIONAL version of LibertyCommerce.

But let's see all the informations:

...continue reading "Characteristic of 2018. We are different!"

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VAT - value added tax - is a tax that applies, such as naming, the added value created in the manufacture and supply of goods and services.

Iva In europa
In Italy the rate is the percentage (defined by law) of the taxable value of an asset, through which it calculates the amount of VAT due. For example: if a well costs
€ 100 and the VAT rate is 20%, the tax payable will be € 20, for which the asset will cost € 120.
In Italy, the VAT is governed by Presidential Decree n. 633 of 1972 and the VAT rate currently is at 22%.

...continue reading "VAT – Set in added value in the European Union"

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